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We Specialize in the Highest Quality of Adult Care Homes 

Locally Owned Since 1983

Portland Metro County MapOur service is free of charge and we are known by the quality of the homes we recommend.  There are many quality homes in the Portland metro area. Enough to present a good number of options for you.

There are issues of independence, safety, compatibility, comfort, cost, location and quality of life for you to consider.  Choosing the right care situation for anyone is not an easy task. We have visited and pre-screened hundreds of homes and facilities and with the advantage of our many years of experience we know where appropriate quality facilities are located that can meet your needs and preferences.  This may include Assisted Living communities or specialized Memory Care homes.

Adult care home Portland MetroWe will provide you with prompt assistance, information and advice on what type of facility will work best for you while considering the uniqueness of your family member.  Some places will meet your needs much better than others.  Some specialize.  Not all have openings.  We exist to help you know the difference and solve your needs promptly at no cost to you.  Note: EZ Transitions advocates ONLY on your behalf and we promote a home or facility based solely on its demonstrated ability to provide quality care and to serve your special needs.   

Searching for a Place

There are many ways our service will benefit you.  This is not rocket science, but it should be a thoughtful, caring approach.

  • We will work on your situation immediately.  Available 7 days a week.
  • We are familiar with all forms of senior care in the 4-county Portland Metro area.
  • There is NO cost to any of our services
  • Your needs are our prime focus.
  • We are professional and we care
  • Our experience covers almost 3 decades
  • We know quality care when we see it, but most importantly, we know where it is.
  • We will work with you until we find the right situation for you.
  • We can meet with you or family if desired
  • We will arrange transportation if needed
  • We value your privacy

A Quick Explanation of Types of Care Available