Find A Home

Find a home for Mom or DadSenior care residences are designed for comfort and safety. Your family member can enjoy the comforts of home while having the safety, security, and assistance of a professional and caring staff. We know what facilities are available, their varying levels of service and special skills. Most facilities specifically tailor their programs to suit the special needs of their residents.  All facilities we would refer you to have been licensed and are obligated to perform within the parameters of their license.  People being people means some may be a bit different than others.  We do expect the best from them and we take great pains to find the best situation for you.

How the Process Works

When the need arises, call us even if it is only to discuss questions you may have.  Our professional staff will happily try to answer your specific questions and then work closely with you to find the most appropriate place.  We have been screening homes and facilities for years and hopefully we can solve your needs promptly. Call 503-639-7157

Our information and assistance is always at NO cost to you.  While we do get a fee from any home you select, we only represent you and advocate for your needs.

During our conversation on the phone, (or you can email us) we will need to discuss the following information.

Information We Need

  • Physical and Mental Condition
  • Age and Social Needs and Preferences
  • Geographic Area Desired
  • Financial Situation and Needs

Note: We always keep your contact information totally private.

Please don’t ask us to just give you a list of empty beds!

That would be contrary to our mission and professional value to you.  In our eyes, quality of care and safety comes first, closely followed by a social and friendly atmosphere, good food and attention to personal tastes and needs. It’s also important to know the location is convenient to hospitals, doctors, church, friends and family. We are very proud of our reputation for having a commitment to quality care and we will refer you to the kind of facilities you need that have previously demonstrated a similar commitment.

Contact us: call 503-639-7157 or by email here