Testimonials  (A few of many)

Dear Glen:  Thank you for your wonderful recommendations for my mother whom I loved dearly. . . . . You referred my mother to the ____________ home several years ago.  I will never forget her reaction when we first came to meet the ___________’s.  She said, “This is where I want to stay we don’t need to look any further”.  It was the first place we visited.  I am an RN and worked in home health so I am very aware of what compassionate good care looks like.  The attention to detail was unbelievable.  Mom recently passed away and I am so at peace with the care given and the comfortable homelike environment she experienced.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  S. M.

Mr Haddock: I much appreciate the extra lengths you went through to introduce me to the most outstanding Memory Care in the area.  As you remember, I thought I had visited every place around Portland and I was not satisfied with their knowledge and treatment for dementia.  In my legal profession, I tend to be exacting and when it came to finding a place for my father, I was probably even more so.  The place you recommended to me was exactly what I was looking for and they exhibited the superior professional expertise I was seeking. I can’t thank you enough and if I have any clients or acquaintances needing a place for their family members I will surely pass your name on to them.  Gratefully,  T. W. Atty at Law

Dear EZ Transitions: Thank you, thank you, thank you.  The place you helped me find was a God-send.  My mother was on hospice and not expected to live more than 6 weeks, but with the tender, loving care she got at the ___________ home, her life was prolonged over a year and we had many lovely conversations we might not have had otherwise and I will always cherish those memories. Thank you again.  R.D.

Dear Mr. Haddock: Just a word of thanks for the wonderful and caring way in which you helped me find care for my husband.  We needed to find something quickly and you directed us to the ___________ home.  Their care and love for my husband in his last days was more than I could ever imagine.  They made him part of the family, fed him his favorite foods and took care of his every need.  I know it got tough on them the last week or two but they never wavered or complained.  He was always clean, fed and dressed.  Bless you.  E. P.

To Glen: As you know, my mother was a long time caregiver having operated her own Adult Foster home for many years.  She apparently had a lot of respect for you and your agency.  She had retired and when her health began to fail she asked me to call you to select the best place you could find to care for her.  You did not fail her.  The __________ home did the equivalent of nursing home care in spite of her heavy weight and she lacked for nothing.  The care went beyond what I would have expected with great love and tenderness.  What a blessing for my mother!  (And the whole family). Thank you from all of us.  S.R.

Dear Transitions Team: I want to thank you for the caring insight and direction you provided when we were so desperately looking for a good home for Mom.  She had so many problems! We were despairing of being able to find any place that would care for her until we heard about you.  I had to quit work just to look after her.  We were able to get her into K. . . . and M. . . . .. . .’s home the next day.  What a relief for us.  Not only that, but the care was superb.  She lived with them for 7 years before she passed.  Thanks again. M. M.

EZTransitions:  My grandmother had a stroke and lay on the floor in her home for two days before someone found her.  She had been living alone, eating very poorly, forgetting to take her meds and bathing almost never.  Since I live in Texas and am her only living relative, I had no idea what I should do to take care of her.  Thank the good Lord, a kind social worker at the hospital where she was recuperating gave me your number.  You referred me to _______’s home in Beaverton on almost a spur of the minutes’s notice.  Thankfully, they kindly and lovingly took her in, helped her with rehab and provided a home and wonderful care for her.  She has been so happy and well cared for there.  She has been there now for 4 years.  I came up to visit her last week and I thought I should just write and tell you how happy and well she is and thank you for the great service you provide.  She is very dear to me and I’m very grateful for your wonderful assistance in that great time of anxiety and need in my life and hers.  Trudy J.

Hi Glen:  Thanks so much for the referral to Sweet Bye N Bye (Angela E.). This company seems so together and really liked the home that we are setting my Mother up with.  My brothers and I interviewed at this home and took in everything. Clients seem really happy there, impressed with how nice the place is; as well as what they have going for their clients to keep them active and involved. We feel confident that this place will eventually bring my mom a piece of mind and comfort of a true home setting.    The administration. Heather & Angela have been so helpful and seem genuine in willing to help with what ever they can. Angela’s husband dropped what ever he had on his plate to go out and assess my Moms needs. Time hasn’t been on our side too much lately.    Just really wanted to thank you sincerely, for working as quickly as you could with me, and hunting for the right situation possible for my Mom. We really think this will be the absolute “right fit”. We think she will be happy there, safe, and well cared for. It’s nice that there are people out there still that care and do what they can to make a difference. This does not go unnoticed and will certainly recommend you and your company should anyone need a place to go for help.
Take good care & hope you have a very good New Year!    Sincere Thanks, Celia T.

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